Clipped garden (1999)

The Clipped garden is one of the few gardens not designed by Mien Ruys. In 1999 this garden and the Corner garden were developed for the 75th anniversary of the Mien Ruys Gardens. The Clipped garden was designed by Anet Scholma, director of the Mien Ruys Landscape gardens bureau.

Design and planting

The Clipped garden is an experiment  with form and texture, without flowers and colour. The central point in the garden is the long and narrow pond. The water features of Henk Rusman add a lively touch.   For the fencing of the garden,  tall clipped Taxus has been used. On one side as a hedge and on the other side forming  pillars. On the west side four blocks of berberis ‘ thunbergii Atropurpurea’ connect theCorner Garden and the Clipped garden which are on opposite sides of the hedge.  The soft use of the ornamental grasses and the Erigeron karinskianus for the Taxus hedge creates a fascinating contrast. A subtle theme in this garden is the use of little lines: in the trunk of the Acer Capillipes, in the ornamental grass Miscanthus sinensis ‘Morning Light’ and the  lines in the top layer of the tiles.


This section became part of the Gardens around 1974 and since then has undergone  a number of changes in design. Between 1996 -1999 the border plants here were in red, white and blue colours. The use of these colours contrasted with the soft pastel shades of the Mixed border. The flowers were mostly roses and perennials  and were closed in on the other side of the Rose garden by the hedge, the Ilex meserveae ‘Blue Prince’.  Before 1996 the Rose garden  was partly on the spot where  The Clipped garden now stands and up to the beginning of the eighties on the spot with the rose beds and larch hedges, the Blowing bubbles experiment.