Grasses (1993)

In 1993 a third square was connected to the Flower terrace to experiment with new sorts of ornamental grasses which came on the market in the eighties. In this square the various sorts of grasses were given plenty of room for growth.

Design and planting

As well as an experiment with ornamental grasses, the Grass garden was also an experiment with materials.  Flachkorn, a type of gravel made up of small piece of slate was used. The flat pieces made walking on it easier than on gravel with round shapes. The square was made lower than the lawn and was edged with concrete elements which act as steps.

Many ornamental grasses were replaced after the first year when it was discovered that they were unsuitable for use in gardens. They either flopped, became messy in the autumn or ran wild.

Having been placed in the open area of the Gardens, the transparent character of the ornamental grasses in the Grass garden can be fully appreciated. On sunny days the water in the circular cement pond reflects the grasses and the blue sky.


Before the square with grasses was developed, the Flower terrace was next to the lawn in the middle area of the gardens, in the neighbourhood of the Blue border.