The Gardener’s garden (1981)

The Gardener’s garden from 1981 surrounds the house in the grounds and is one of the few gardens not designed by Mien Ruys.

Design and planting

The Gardener’s garden was planted by the former gardener Dirk Jan Koning and is very different in style to the gardens designed by Mien Ruys. Unlike the Gardener’s garden Mien Ruys used rigid and geometric forms. The original circumstances in the garden, such as type of soil and differences in height, were the starting point for the planting. De soil consists of both peat ground and sandy parts and these two structures together with the differences in height form the flowing lines in this garden.  This has also created many different circumstances of growth in this small area. The planting is mainly indigenous and grouped in small numbers creating a diverse garden with many varieties of plants.


The Gardener’s garden belongs to the house which was built round about 1900. The house was originally used by Moerheim nursery workers and later on by the gardener, Dirk Jan Koning. Since then it has become a county monument. The garden was planted in 1981 by the gardener Dirk Jan Koning and became included in the garden walk in 1998. Nowadays the house is used as an office by the Mien Ruys Foundation.