Millstone garden (1976)

The Millstone garden is the first garden that visitors pass through and is the connection between the Tea room and the Old Experimental garden.

Design and planting

In the Millstone garden the central element is the millstone with water bubbling up over the millstone and then disappearing again between the stones in a square filled with grit and surrounded by cobblestones. The garden is a kind of patio with its wooden fencing, the half open palisade and the glass panes of the Tea room. The pergola with Wisteria sinensis emphasises the closed in effect, together with the   Katsura, the Cercidiphyllum japonicum. The planting consists of just a few sorts: the delicate Bamboe, Phullostachys nigra contrasting beautifully with the straight blocks of holly, Iles merverveae “Blue Prince’ and the coarse leaf of the oak leaf Hydrangea, Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Burgundy’.  


The Mien Ruys Gardens was given an official entrance. The original entrance was designed by Arend Jan van der Horst who worked for the Mien Ruys landscape gardening bureau. When the entrance was changed, changes were made to the garden. However, the millstone has always remained the central element here. For a long time an old weeping willow gave this garden some shade. When it died it was replaced by a Cercidiphyllum japonicum.