Bench by the water ball (1970)

The bench by the water ball was made in 1970. This particular spot is the connection between the sunny Old experimental garden and the very shady Wilderness garden.


Design and planting

Mien Ruys’s husband, Theo Moussalt, always thought that this was the most beautiful spot in the Gardens and wanted to be able to sit here.  So following on from the Old experimental garden a slightly raised terrace was built with a bench on it. From there it was possible to see both gardens. Mien Ruys called this “Theo’s throne”.  The bench by the water ball created a peaceful area between the Wilderness garden and the Old experimental garden. The hazelnut tree, Corylus avellana, framed the view to both gardens. From the bench the contrast between the sunny border and the shady garden becomes quite clear. Behind the bench the palisade forms the backing to this area. Partially shade loving plants have been planted in large groups emphasising once again this peaceful spot between the two garden.

The water ball at the foot of the hazel-tree was made by the artist Auk Fock v an Coppenaal (1943-2004) at the request of Theo Moussalt. It was constructed by covering a round ball of chicken wire with several layers of concrete. Water is pumped up through the tube in the ball and trickles down again on the outside. Moss has grown over the rough ball making it part of the shady garden. The barely audible sound of water emphasises the quietness of this spot.


The area between the Old experimental garden and the Wilderness garden became a separate spot when the terrace with the bench on it and the water ball was added. Apart from this very little has changed here.