Shade loving borders (1960)

Just like the Sun loving borders, the Shade loving borders are part of the Standard perennial borders. These are borders with strong, healthy perennials that flower for quite some time and are easy to care for. These borders were planted around 1960 so that Mien Ruys could experiment with plants in shady spots to support the sale of the Standard perennial borders.

Design and planting

As the name suggests the shade loving borders are filled with plants suitable for shady spots. Originally, this spot was sunnier but because the trees in the wood and the conifers on the side have grown considerably, these borders are now even more in the shade. The first plants were chosen for partial shade. These have been replaced over the years by plants that do well in very shady spots.

At the back of the shade loving borders, there is a wild privet hedge, Ligustrum vulgare ‘Atrovirens’, which is able to grow under overhanging branches of trees. Small privet hedges divide up the different flowerbeds but are lower than the hedge at the back of the borders. The smaller hedges are slightly longer than the flowerbeds, breaking up the stretch of grass.


The shade loving borders were designed when this area was added to the Gardens. Since then, nothing has changed in the design.