Sun borders (1960)

Just like the Shade loving borders, the sun loving borders are part of the Standard perennial borders with strong, healthy perennials that are in flower for a long period and are easy to look after. These borders were designed round about 1960 so that Mien Ruys could experiment with sun loving and shade loving plants. This was necessary for the sale of the standard perennial borders.

Design and planting

The Sun borders are an example of planting in sunny spots. Bright colours were mostly used here. On both sides are two different hedges: the shorter evergreen, Taxus and the higher deciduous Hornbeam hedge (Carpinus betulus). In the Hornbeam hedge two holes have been cut out so that the adjoining garden can be seen.


The Sun loving borders were planted at the beginning of the sixties when this part of the garden was connected with the existing garden. Since then very little has changed in the design. The path in between the borders was originally grass but later changed to paving stones. There has been a change in the choice of sun loving plants over the years.