Experimental garden

In recent times the following experiments have been realized:

New rose garden (2010 - 2017)
From May 2010 two new experiments have taken place. The first being a garden with new types of roses, combined with perennials and ornamental grasses. The aim here is to discover whether a garden like this can be kept up with the minimum of work.

New Helenium border (2010 - present)
In the same way a new helenium border has been created with different types of Heleniums, combining these with perennials and ornamental grasses.

Dahlia border (2012 - 2016)
The Dahliaborder was an experiment with different types of Dahlia's, combined with perennials and ornamentel grasses. The Dahlia's were planted in triangular sections.

The shrub border (2013 - present)
An experiment to make a colourful border with primarily shrubs. It became obvious that the shrubs lacked the long flowering period of perennials as well as variety in growth and flowering. Later on roses and ornamental grasses were added to enhance the border.

Student border (2014 - present)
In 2014 students from the University of Delft had a weeklong workshop in the Mien Ruys Gardens. During this workshop, each student made a design for a border in the new experimental garden. The winning design was planted in the fall of 2014.

Ruysend Riet (2014 - present)
In 2014, the 90th anniversary of the Mien Ruys Gardens, a new design was made at this building in the gardens. It is the first garden that hasn't been designed by Mien Ruys or Buro Mien Ruys in Amsterdam. Instead the design was made by current headgardener Conny den Hollander. The garden design follows the same principals that Mien Ruys used during her 70 year career. It is split up in a "natural area" and a "cultivated area". De garden is relatively low maintenance with a large terrace.

Student border (2015 - present): 
The University of Delft came back in 2015 for another weeklong workshop. This time, students were tasked with making a design for a border in the shade. Once again, the winning design was planted in the New Experimental garden.

Border with annuals, biennials and perennials (2017 - present): 
A border with mainly annuals, combined with biennials and perennials. A colourful border consisting of layers of annuals, biennials and perennials. Because of these layers, this border stays interesting all year long.

Roof terrace (2017 - present):
A new experiment was started here in 2017. The purpose of this experiment is to find out just how much soil plants really need in order to fully grow and flower.

Prairieborder (2018 - present):
A new experiment with natural planting and the use of small lava rocks that absorb water. As a result, the prairieborder should be low maintenance with a natural outlook.