Experimental garden

In recent times the following experiments have been realized:

New rose garden
From May 2010 two new experiments have taken place. The first being a garden with new types of roses, combined with perennials and ornamental grasses. The aim here is to discover whether a garden like this can be kept up with the minimum of work.

New Helenium border
In the same way a new helenium border has been created with different types of Heleniums, combining these with perennials and ornamental grasses.

New border
Many of the newer plants have a more natural way of growth. For this reason the plants are no longer placed in groups but intermingled.

Autumn garden
This is an experiment with autumn plants, extending the garden season. Not only late flowering plants but also autumn colours, shapes created by plants after flowering time, and berries bring this garden to life. Asters play an important part in the new autumn garden, together with large ornamental grasses which create a lovely silhouette until deep in the winter.